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Surefoot NZ

Member since 2017

Blair Nicholson
027 4100 983
20D Helance Ave,
Surefoot NZ

Surefoot NZ are specifiers, suppliers and installers of a revolutionary new concrete free foundation footing system. They use innovative thinking to help and enable clients to see their building dreams come true.

Surefoot is an “all in one system”, where the unique shape and high strength steel combines to create a very efficient pile cap. Once micro piles are driven and the cap secured, the opposing forces of the multi directional micro piles provides a solid, stable and economical foundation. Enabling an extremely quick onsite installation solution.

The Surefoot foundation system makes perfect sense for being part of offsite design and construction, becoming the final piece in the prefabrication solution. Surefoot is incredibly fast to install onsite, economic and highly adaptable.

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