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Red Stag Wood Solutions Ltd.

Member since 2013

Jason Cordes
07 843 5797
53 Ingram Road, Rukuhia, Hamilton 3282
Red Stag Wood Solutions Ltd.

Red Stag Wood Solutions (RSWS) is the leading independent manufacturer of timber frames, trusses and prefabricated building solutions for the residential and commercial construction industry in the Waikato region and beyond.

RSWS is the largest independent timber frame and truss producer in the Waikato region. The production floor consists of computer controlled saws, semi-automatic framing lines and a roller press table capable of producing trusses with spans in excess of 35 meters.

RSWS uses its expertise in frame and truss sector to design and create the skeleton, which is then transferred through to finishing lines for cladding, joinery, utilities, insulation and lining. The first evolution has developed completed floor, wall and roof panels for erection on site.

As part of the company’s development, hybrid solutions are being developed to support a broader offering for the diverse needs of a growing market.

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