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John Kelly
3 Lynmore Ave,
Rotorua, 3010 

It is well-known that New Zealand homes are not always of a high-quality standard and do not provide us with a healthy internal environment.

PerformanceNZ has decided to do something about this. We produce wall panels that will meet Passive House Standard when combined with quality windows and a specific design. We will also offer a build service with a view to minimum health and energy efficiency performance far beyond code.

Our company aims to bring better performing homes to the Rotorua region and support other builders who wish to incorporate a high performance wall panel into their builds.

The key premise to Performance NZ is the offsite construction of an external building envelope of any home with wall sections that include two layers of protection as well as a thicker layer of insulation.

1) The outer layer will ensure moisture is able to exit but not enter the wall cavity, ensuring a dry and mould resistant home.

2) The internal layer will ensure an airtight barrier inside the home significantly reducing heat (or cooling) loss and therefore reducing energy costs.

Adding to this, a low energy heat recovery ventilation system will provide fresh clean air into the home while using the expelled warm air to heat the incoming clean air, maintaining the desired temperature with very little (if any) supporting modules, heating (or cooling) systems.

Time on site will be reduced as the critical construction elements will be manufactured offsite and delivered in sequence to site with an expectation of a fully enclosed (weathertight) structure within the first few days of construction on site.

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