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Jarrod Beaman
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Panelwood Homes

Panelwood Homes is a nationwide group housing company which uses innovative construction methods that are 40-60% faster than traditional construction methods.

Panelwood Homes is located in Auckland but have franchises located in Whakatane, Taupo and Nelson. Their goal is to provide a flawless design and building process that gives a perfect result for the client. Panelwood Homes are ideal for first-home buyers, rental properties, holiday homes, farm cottages and classrooms.

Panelwood Homes promise you the best “value for money” homes in New Zealand.

Panelwood Homes constructs their buildings using the Metrapanel System. Metrapanel is an innovative construction method that utilises sheets of compressed particle board injected with specially formulated resins. Metrapanel is used to create the interior surface, as well as the structural and bracing elements of the building which replaces timber framing and plasterboard.

Trusted by kiwi’s for over 25 years, Metrapanel has been the preferred modular panel housing system for over 9,000 projects across the residential, commercial and retirement sectors. Pre-cut to simplify and speed up construction, Metrapanel is the robust, durable and energy efficient alternative.

The smooth easily achieved Level 5 finish requires minimal special preparation other than normal sanding. You can paint or paper directly onto it, and place fittings or hang pictures virtually anywhere. Metrapanel is compatible with all usual cladding systems, masonry, timber, brick or exterior panels.

A Metrapanel home goes up quickly and efficiently. An average sized project usually takes just one day to position and secure. Once the floor slab is down, houses built with Metrapanel are completed 40-60% faster than traditional construction methods.

The perfection of Metrapanel is almost impossible to dent. At 650kg/m3, the density of a Metrapanel wall is significantly higher than that of solid timber.

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