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NZSIP produces custom manufactured floor, wall and roof structural insulated panels in Cromwell, New Zealand. The Smart Panel range is used as the core structure for fast build prefabricated energy efficient homes.

NZ SIP Smart Panels are a Code Mark certified, locally manufactured, custom range of structural insulated panels.

The PUR injection moulded core produces a very high R-value ensuring a fast build that is also very energy efficient. NZSIP smart panels are an excellent choice for Passive House or Homestar 10 projects. Unique Smart Panel Ppans are produced to fit the home's specific design and engineering requirement, and onsite the home arrives as a finished set of lego-like elements that connect with cam-locks and insulated splines.

Sinc each Smart Panel is custom manufactured there is a high level of prefabricated flexibility for the architect and engineer to meet the clients specific design needs.

From small energy efficient homes to large multiple build commercial projects, their agile factory can cater for a wide range of build project requirements.

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