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John McNamara
021 479 916
11/511 Fitzroy Ave
Hawke’s Bay

Instagram: @modhouse

The Architect and client conceived modhouse over a 10 year period in an
effort to bring a mid-sized open plan house to market that was high
performing, environmentally sustainable and could be delivered at a
reasonable price point. This was to be achieved by being both highly
efficient and thoughtfully designed such that it could be assembled quickly
on site by utilising cutting edge prefabrication techniques, modular sizing,
off the shelf componentry and prefinished wall linings.

modhouse achieves a Homestar 6 rating by incorporating some fundamental
environmentally sustainable design (ESD) such as the location, house size
and orientation, positioning and extent of glazing, double glazing, passive
heat recovery in conjunction with higher insulation values to both the slab,
slab perimeter, walls and roof and by adding photovoltaic panels to the roof
for solar energy collection and rainwater harvesting. Whilst these are just
a few of the considerations the house has been submitted to and will be
assessed by Homestar NZ to ensure it meets its 6 star target and we have
also engaged an independent accredited Homestar assessor to advise on
aspects of modhouse design and material selections and to monitor this
aspect of the build.

From the outset modhouse wished to challenge the status quo of standard
house company builds which we consider do not respond overly well to the NZ
climate, are targeted to meet only the base level minimal building code
requirements (i.e. a race to the bottom) or respond well to the modern
open-plan living we aspire to. We also became interested in the “logs for
jobs” credo as we had begun exploring the rapidly advancing engineered
timber industry that has sprung up around this aspirational philosophy. We
discovered there is now a genuine alternative to steel, concrete and a
default to gib board; and modhouse utilises these advancing technologies to
deliver a house with a cutting edge engineered timber exo-skeletal frame by
Techlam (laminated posts and beams) and cross laminated timber (CLT) from
Xlam’s Nelson factory for the mid floor whereby the underside of the CLT
panels is exposed to form the ground floor ceilings, braced wall panels and
CLT roof panels upon which sits the 150mm thick structurally insulated
roofing panels (SIP) from Metalcraft NZ. The internal walls are lined
predominantly with a NZ manufactured finishing plywood sourced from IPL
Greymouth. Whilst this high quality and precisely manufactured timber is not
inexpensive, with this quantity of off-site prefabrication perhaps the
single greatest benefit is the speed with which the house can be assembled
onsite which contributes to offsetting the upfront capital costs.

Additionally construction of our first modhouse showhome is on a diminutive
340sqm site in Hastings, Hawke Bay. We were very fortunate that we were able
to secure the very last of the 12 sites that sit within a masterplanned
medium density subdivision by Hastings District council. Completion May 2019
and we would be delighted to show you through.

Ground floor – 96sqm
Upper Floor – 72sqm
Garage – 24sqm
Sub-total – 192sqm
Decks – 20sqm

TOTAL – 212sqm



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