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Nikolas Morrison
021 376 983
PO Box 449
Kerkeri 0245

Laminata provides mill-direct engineered timber solutions for prefabricated fencing, small buildings and affordable housing.
Laminata has built a small format Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) panel production plant at their timber mill in Kerikeri, so they can produce a ‘flat pack’ house from locally harvested logs, all in the one facility.
Laminata is working to provide a range of turn-key home solutions that include single level family homes, two level townhouses and loft chalets for tourism or tiny houses.

Laminata produces ‘High Performance – Affordable‘ CLT housing that aims to lift the standard of housing well above building code minimums.

Laminata focuses on three important facets that make homes truly affordable;
1. Construction Cost – Pre-painted CLT components that form floors, walls and ceilings are quickly assembled on site with a
battery drill so homes can built in a few weeks rather than months. Wood being the only renewable building material, and our locally
harvested Pine logs, provide very tangible benefits to the planet compared to steel and concrete. Adding value to humble Pinus
Radiata by converting low grade timber into high value CLT panels, helps keep jobs local and prevents logs from being shipped off-

2. Health and Well-being – Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is paramount to the health of our homes occupants, which is why Laminata is providing an air-tightness layer over their CLT and balanced pressure Heat Recovery Ventilation that can provide more than ten whole house air changes per day. They use UV cured environmental choice coatings, and Micronised Copper Azole (MCA) treatment for structural timber. Timber interiors reduce heart rates, blood pressure and stress response*.

3. On-going Running Cost – 40mm thick CLT walls and ceilings, above code insulation work in conjunction with the pre-
warmed fresh air, provide an energy efficient home that costs substantially less to run that building code minimum housing.
Concise and efficient footprint designs mean that a more compact floor area can be used to house more people without extending the
thermal envelope of the home.
*Planet Ark report 2017

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