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International Building Solutions Limited

International Building Solutions Limited (IBSL)


Our vision is to reach people’s hearts and minds through inspirational reality. For us, this means leading the world in superior manufactured homes, their conceptualisation, design, construction and delivery. High quality production line manufacturing has become the norm for many products that inspire people to desire and possess – including jewellery, tech devices, haute couture and prestige cars. Now we are adding housing to that list. Repeatable high standards, reliability and fit for purpose. Homes at affordable prices so that more people can live in spaces they only imagined being possible.


Rod Gibson, Design Director (IBSL) was one of the founding Directors of PrefabNZ and has been designing manufactured buildings for human habitation since 2001. With early prototyping of his products initially developed and modelled in New Zealand we moved production to China in 2004 predominately because of the ability to up scale production and to make use of a greater range of the sub-suppliers.


Man-made or from nature, design influences many of our decisions - from the products we buy, to the services we use, and the impressions we have of them.

Design affects our emotions, our ethos, our actions. It operates without any direct or apparent reason.

We believe that design should not be for its own sake, as for those who appreciate its value, design becomes a method of expression with immense influence.

This is where we started when adopting a Design for Manufacturing (DFM) Methodology.


Manufacturing is a major jump shift from simply building timber framed Prefab to the New Zealand standard NZS3604, and provides opportunities for better, alternative, solutions.

Manufacturing adopts the principles of Design for Manufacturability (DFM) methodology along with Concurrent Engineering.

DFM is the process of proactively designing products to:

• Optimise all the manufacturing functions: assembly, fabrication, testing, procurement, shipping, delivery, service, and repair;

• Ensure the best cost, quality, reliability, regulatory compliance, safety, time-to-market and customer satisfaction.

Concurrent Engineering is the practice of developing products and their manufacturing processes in parallel:

• If existing processes are to be utilised, then the product must be designed for these processes.

• If new processes are to be utilised, then the product and the process must be designed and developed concurrently.

DFM and Concurrent Engineering are proven design methodologies that work for any product. Early consideration of manufacturing issues shortens product development time, minimises development cost and ensures a smooth transition into production for quick time to market.


International Building Solutions has a team experienced in manufacturing buildings in China that are second to none in the field of offshore manufacturing that meet New Zealand and Australian building standards.

If your team is considering a manufactured building solution look no further than us.

Rod Gibson LBP Design

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