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Postal: 154 Dyers Pass Rd, Cashmere, Christchurch

Physical: 488 Colombo St, Sydenham, Christchurch

Cube Cabins is the construction arm of Cube Contracting, a South Island based construction and project management company with a passion for smart design, prefabricated, transportable, alternative living spaces. Cube has a passion for small spaces and lives its philosophy that ‘while big is good, small is GREAT’.

With 6 set designs refined over a number of years for maximum construction effeciency and economy, combined with strict project management disciplines, Cube has a developed a reputation for quality and delivery.

Cube’s living options are utilised by private clients, farm workers, orchadists, Air BnB operators and in 2018 we are pushing into the social housing arena as construction partner/sponsor of the Daisy Chain Trust and implementation of a work experience scheme for a well respected education trust in Canterbury.

Cube’s point of difference is the offering of a fully consentable, compliant, top quality offering in the tiny home and transportable dwelling market.

Cube delivers completed, prefabricated homes. While recognising the potential of 100% prefabricated panels, Cube’s research and customer feedback has evidenced that at this point in time, NZ customers still have a degree of distrust around and cannot see value in complete SIP options.

As a ‘happy medium’ Cube has created very specific designs based around the principles of low waste, design that utilises standard building sizes and dimensions, constructing at a central base using production line techniques and controlling every aspect of construction. Where it is possible, all subfloor, wall and roof members are prefabricated and components are standardised.

As is a commercial reality, clients always wish to make changes/customisations. Cube’s prefabrication methods allow clients to make an acceptable number of non structural changes within design parameters.

Prefabrication, transportable living has historically been ‘cheap and nasty’. Cube wants to change this landscape and deliver affordable, high quality prefabricated homes that have a stylish design aesthetic.

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