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BOX™ Design & Build

Member since 2016

Dan Heyworth
09 520 5030
0800 717 717
Suite 1.2, Level 1,
317 New North Road
Kingsland, Auckland 1021
BOX™ Design & Build

Box are a hybrid between traditional bespoke architecture and prefabricated housing. They use components and modules to design and build homes. This allows them to be flexible and design for the site and brief without the traditional constraints of prefabricated homes.

Box are constantly refining their systems to reduce complexity. This means less time on site, less design time, less waste, more value for money. They use a number of prefabricated components which are site-assembled. This means they do not have the constraints of transportation or design dictated by large pre-designed modules. They can therefore respond better to a client’s site and their brief.

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