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Adam Taylor
021 222 1662
PO Box 4650, Mt Maunganui South 3149, Tauranga

With a focus on architectural detail and an innovative approach to the use of space, Adam Taylor ARCHITECTURE is a specialist architectural practice committed to the creation of sustainable and practical design solutions. The team at ATA operate in an open and collaborative manner, working directly with clients to ensure the end product reflects individual identities, objectives and a unified result.

Prefabrication could be the silver bullet to New Zealand's housing shortage. Computer numerically controlled (CNC) technology ensures pinpoint accuracy and significantly less waste. The real clincher though is speed. A prefabricated home can potentially be put together in one day. When building a home time really is money.

ATA’s work encompasses proportion, use of light, material integrity and sustainable methodology to create functional yet high performance architecture. Prefabrication ticks all of those boxes. Until now though the focus has been on the machine or technology aspect of prefab. Adam Taylor ARCHITECTURE however create prefabricated + performance houses where design is paramount.

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