We're a lean not-for-profit organisation with a small part-time team (of 2.5 full-time equivalent!).

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    Pamela Bell

    Founder + Chief Executive Officer

    Pamela brings experience in architecture (MArch), Olympic-level sport (snowboarding), small business development (Fruition Apparel Ltd and NZ Snowboard Academy Ltd), governance (Snow Sports NZ) and management.

    In 2009, she completed a Master of Architecture thesis ‘Kiwi Prefab: Prefabricated Housing in NZ’.
    The ‘Kiwi Prefab: Prefabricated Housing in NZ’ thesis is available to view here. And an A3 Summary Brochure here.

    In 2010, Pamela held a Kiwi Prefab Workshop at Victoria University’s School of Architecture and Design with over 140 attendees. They called for an industry organisation to be set-up. Ten industry members were elected to represent a wide range of stakeholders and a wealth of experience. PrefabNZ, the hub for prebuilt construciton in NZ, was established and led by Pamela.

    In 2012, Pamela co-authored the book ‘Kiwi Prefab: Cottage to Cutting Edge’ with Mark Southcombe (Victoria University) – published by Balasoglou Books and available from Aalto Books here. She was also the Knowledge Expert for the ‘Kiwi Prefab: Cottage to Cutting Edge’ exhibition at Puke Ariki Museum, New Plymouth – Dec 1 2012 to Apr 1 2013. See more about Kiwi Prefab here.

    In 2015, Pamela launched the PrefabNZ UNIpod design competition for an open-source universally accessible bathroom pod designed specifically for multi-unit residential applications. The winning design was made into a prototype that was launched at the PrefabNZ CoLab conference in Auckland in April 2016. The design will soon be open-source and available for all to use, a first for New Zealand.

    In 2016, Pamela co-authored a commemorative book on HIVE, New Zealand’s first Home Innovation Village facilitated by PrefabNZ in response to Canterbury’s earthquakes 2010-2012. The HIVE showcased a range of ten high-quality, sustainable, well-designed prefabricated houses in Christchurch for members of the public to experience the benefits of prefab first-hand. It is hoped that it is the first of many HIVE’s in New Zealand.

    Today, Pam sits on the BRANZ Board that oversees the Building Levy for research towards better buildings. She is a member of the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) Building Advisory Panel (BAP) that provides industry input to executives and Ministers. Her involvement in governance is reflected in membership of the Institute of Directors (IoD).

    Pamela can be contacted at pam@prefabnz.com or phone 021 972 635

    Contact Pamela Bell
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    Alice Boultbee

    Membership and Communications Manager

    Alice is the part-time Membership and Communications Manager for PrefabNZ.

    Having lived on-site during three "grand design re-builds" in the UK, getting involved at an early age in re-pointing historical stone walls or plastering new ones, being inspired by engineering and designing family members - construction is in her blood.

    Alice studied a double Honors degree in Chemistry and Management at the University of Bath, UK. She has interests in innovation & application, creativity, people, politics and organising.

    Alice has considerable experience including:

    • Organisation transformation consultancy at PriceWaterhouseCoopers
    • Managing events for the UK's largest women and girl membership organisation and humble events for local groups
    • Vice President on the Executive Board of a £4m turnover, 9,000 Membership organisation
    • Training and development design and delivery
    • Leading stakeholder engagement for various NGOs and organisations.

    Alice is intent on nurturing the Membership whanau at PrefabNZ and maximising services that see us engage and support our Members.

    Contact Alice if you'd like to know more about PrefabNZ's Events, News, Media, Communications or Membership.

    Alice can be contacted at alice@prefabnz.com or phone 021 292 0947.

    Contact Alice Boultbee
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    Olly Townend

    Projects Coorindator

    Olly is the part time Projects Coordinator for PrefabNZ. He has a broad range of practical and theoretical experience, over 10 years on the tools in residential construction, a background in product design and recently supporting startup business and commercialisation in the creative arts sector. He is passionate about the space where these three elements overlap and is excited to be working to support PrefabNZ and organisations at the leading edge of innovative construction.

    Olly will be working with the team and stakeholders to deliver an exciting range of upcoming projects. Stay tuned for updates in the lead up to CoLab when we’ll be launching the successor to the UniPod competition. Feel free to contact Olly if you have any queries or suggestions regarding how PrefabNZ projects could support you.

    Contact Olly to discuss our Projects, at: olly@prefabnz.com or phone 021 750 436

    Contact Olly Townend
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    Paula MacLachlan

    Partnerships Manager

    Paula joined PrefabNZ as Partnerships Manager at the start of the 2018 year.

    Having spent the best part of a decade in the commercial property sector, Paula is excited to bring her knowledge of property and partnerships to the PrefabNZ team.

    As a past business owner, she understands the functionality that makes industry tick and the importance of alliances that deliver.
    With a strong design bent and a passion for New Zealand, Paula is looking forward to working with our PrefabNZ Partners to grow and deepen mutually beneficial relationships with transformational outcomes.

    She would love to hear from you to discuss how you can influence this industry transformation. Contact Paula to discuss Partnership opportunities: paula@prefabnz.com or phone + 64 21 710 961.

    Contact Paula MacLachlan
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    Jess Corbett

    Financial Officer

    Jess Corbett is the part-time Financial Officer for PrefabNZ. She has been self-employed for the last five years providing administration, payroll, and financial services for a variety of mostly non-profit organisations in Wellington.

    Jess can be contacted at accounts@prefabnz.com or phone 021 105 9510

    Contact Jess Corbett
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    Ariana Hitch

    Communications Assistant

    Ariana is the part-time Communications Assistant for PrefabNZ. She's a mobile do-it-all. Her skills range from on-the-tools property renovation, wedding planning & styling to graphic design and IT networking. As a current Sydney-based business owner, she has a hands-on understanding of running a business within a very competitive market. Ariana is thrilled to be working at PrefabNZ which will bring her adaptability, creative pursuits and varied skills together at the intersection where innovation happens.

    Ariana will be working with the team assist with communications and events. Feel free to contact Ariana if you have any queries or suggestions regarding how she could support you.

    Contact Ariana Hitch


Our Board is elected annually at the PrefabNZ Annual General Meeting in June and represents a wide range of stakeholders and a wealth of experience. PrefabNZ Members are invited to nominate and vote for their preferred Board Members each year.

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    Andre Hodgskin

    Board Member

    Andre Hodgskin launched the widely acclaimed BACHKIT in 2000, followed by iPAD in 2007. He is the sole director of Architex and brings a wealth of personal experience in prefabricated buildings and systems. Andre’s work has been extensively published and awarded, and he continues to explore his interest in the production and assembly of building components.

    Contact Andre Hodgskin
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    Andrew McKenzie

    Board Member

    General Manager- Development & Modular Construction - Arrow International NZ Limited

    Andrew joined Arrow as Wellington Manager in July 2009, was made Christchurch Director in 2014 and in March 2016 moved into the role of General Manager in Development and Modular Construction.

    He is responsible for Arrow’s property development business activities and the establishment of offsite manufacturing across Arrow’s business. Andrew believes that offsite construction will deliver major benefits because of the time, quality, safety and cost advantages offsite brings.

    Andrew has over 30 years’ experience in construction, property development and valuation providing him wide range of knowledge and experience.

    The process Andrew talks about internally and to our clients, consultants and partners – DfMA (Design for Manufacture and Assembly) is the key – “A project has to be designed for modular construction in order to maximise the benefits from our manufacturing supply chain”.

    Contact Andrew McKenzie
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    Daiman Otto

    Daiman Otto graduated from RMIT (Melbourne) with a Bachelor of Architecture with 1st class Honours in 2002.

    Since this time, Daiman has worked in architecture practice, property development and construction and became a founding Director of Analog Structures - an R&D company specialising in developing prefab systems and products. Since 2006, Daiman has been consulting to ARKit Pty Limited - an Australian Sustainable prefab company with design and building work in Australia and New Zealand. He is currently CEO at Tall Wood, a technology business committed to delivering future-proofed tall timber buildings faster and cheaper.

    Contact Daiman Otto
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    Chris Moller

    Deputy Chair

    Chris Moller is the Deputy Chair of PrefabNZ, an award-winning architect/urbanist with 30 years international experience. Founder and Director of CMA+U (Chris Moller Architecture + Urbanism), inventor of Click-Raft prefabricated building system and host of Grand Designs NZ.

    Chris says, “PrefabNZ is perhaps the first truly cross-industry platform in NZ which is reflected in the make-up of the board. PrefabNZ offers a crucial answer to the massive challenges NZ is facing – leaky buildings, earthquakes, and very high costs making building your own house the domain for the wealthy few. This is irresponsible. PrefabNZ can solve this. Additionally Prefab offers a huge quality and method step change – imagine a bunch of engineers and craftsmen turning up on your doorstep to build you a car…. mad you say? That’s how we currently make our buildings, it is time to change!”

    Contact Chris Moller
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    Guy Marriage

    Board Member

    Guy is a registered architect and a senior lecturer at Victoria University. With over 25 years of experience on a wide range of different projects in both the UK and NZ, he is one-fifth of First Light Studio Ltd, a design-led architectural practice which focuses on compact, sustainable residential and small-scale commercial design.Wearing his academic hat, he is known as a lecturer genuinely interested in furthering of the body of knowledge surrounding architectural construction, urban design and building performance. He constantly questions and publicly challenges the status quo of NZ building rules, standards and construction methodologies, and encourages his students to both fully understand existing technologies and actively explore exciting new technologies.

    Although only becoming a board member in 2017, he has been an active supporter of PrefabNZ since its inception. In his spare time, Guy actively contributes to the built environment community, regularly contributing to local and national public events and has written for publications such as Architecture NZ, Home NZ, Idealog, Urbis, Top Gear, Blueprint, ArchitectureNow, as well as at conferences such as ANZASCA, and SAHANZ.

    Contact Guy Marriage
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    Lauren Christie


    Lauren has a Building Science degree (first class honours) and PhD. In 2010, she was awarded a scholarship to attend Stanford University for an entrepreneurship course. She has over 12 years’ experience in the construction industry and in a variety of roles from research to government to project manager. Lauren is the current Board Co-Chair of PrefabNZ.

    Lauren helped PrefabNZ set up the HIVE CH, Christchurch's first Home Innovation Village, and has always been supportive of the opportunities prefabrication presents.

    Contact Lauren Christie
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    Leah Singer

    Board Member

    Originally from Northern Ireland, Leah graduated from the University of Sheffield’s School of Architecture and has since enjoyed a successful and rewardingly diverse career in both design & construction. A sought-after design manager for high-value, complex projects Leah has worked within all stages of the supply chain, contracting under her brand Entwine to clients, architects and top tier main contractors, often simultaneously.

    Leah has extensive experience in off-site project delivery, including for oil & gas companies, mass-produced housing providers and most recently, with commercial facade systems. A passionate believer in the importance of communication Leah believes that the greatest challenge the industry faces is the paradigm shift required to move from a cost-focused risk avoidance mindset to one of trust, value recognition and meaningful risk management.

    Leah Design Managed the Westpac & EY HQ at Britomart (both the only female and the youngest on the management team), then under Entwine managed the Front End of Stanley's Rightsize project. She is currently found consulting to companies including Hampton Jones, Hawkins and Tall Wood.

    A passionate advocate for change in the industry, Leah is currently completing an MBA and is in the final throes of a research project focusing on 'Improving Government Procurement of Architectural Services'. In collaboration with the New Zealand Institute of Architects, the objectives are to provide practical recommendations for productivity increases in the industry but most importantly, to ensure that these recommendations also contribute to maximising the quality of end design outcomes.

    Not one to shy from a challenge Leah is an avid sailor and has recently completed her third Sydney to Hobart yacht race believes that gender should be a complete irrelevance when it comes to achieving one's goals.

    Contact Leah Singer
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    Matthew Hay

    Board Member

    Matthew Hay has building in his blood as part of the third generation in the family business Keith Hay Homes. Matthew has years of both hands-on practical experience as a qualified builder and management expertise. He is the General Manager at Keith Hay Homes who are specialists in transportable and prefabricated buildings with a wide range of scope - from MRI units, preschools, education facilities and residential homes.

    Contact Matthew Hay
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    Tim Porter

    Deputy Chair

    Tim is a Chartered Manager with degrees in fire and civil engineering, and a postgraduate diploma in management. With 9 years working in strategy and change management, Tim has built on his technical background to develop a thorough understanding of how to implement effective change. Tim is the current Board Co-Chair of PrefabNZ.

    Tim’s experience on projects in the UK, Middle East, Australia and New Zealand, have given him a broad network and understanding of the global construction industry. Now leading product development projects for Holmes Solutions Tim aims to use his knowledge and experience to help further the work of PrefabNZ and contribute to positive change for the New Zealand construction industry.

    Contact Tim Porter

Past Board

Our sincere thanks to the following people who have generously volunteered their time and wisdom on the PrefabNZ Board:

  • Tim Blake
  • Ree Anderson
  • Craig Davison
  • Eli Nuttall
  • David Fraser
  • Gordon Barratt
  • Jason Cordes
  • Gary Caulfield
  • Paul O'Brien
  • Bella Franks
  • Trina Lincoln
  • Dr Wayne Sharman
  • Dave Strachan
  • Michael Cambridge
  • Todd Forsyth
  • Rod Gibson
  • Lawrie Halkett
  • Harriet Pilkington
  • Rosemary Scofield
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